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The Celestin City series involves multiple characters set in the same city.

Each character has their own series that can be read as a standalone series or part of the larger Celestin City saga. If you’d like to read them all in chronological order for fun crossover moments, here is the list below:

Zoe Langston Book 1 Sinfully Departed

Evie Book 1 Deceptions

Zoe Langston Book 2 Blood Sins

Evie Book 2 Anticipations

Zoe Book 3 Sin of Hope

Holly Book 1 Death Says Hello

Ethan Book 1 Let Me Breathe Again

Evie short story 2.5 Repercussions

Zoe book 4 Dear Sinfully Mine

Evie Book 3 Revelations

Christmas in Celestin short stories

Holly book 2 What Death Doesn’t Say