Ever want to know a little bit more about the people and creatures that call Celestin City home? Well you’re in luck, take a look below and enjoy. I did try to make it spoiler free but proceed with caution. 

More will be added as images are created to match their profile. 


Images are created with AI, any resemblance to anyone real is strictly a coincidence. 

Lucas is one of the oldest living vampires and first appears in Zoe’s Book 1 Sinfully Departed. Lucas is passionate about keeping the immortal tradition alive, he is stubborn but sweet when you least expect it. Lucas has seen a lot in his lifetime and his motives are not always clear.  


To avoid spoilers Bess gets a few question marks when it comes to what she is. Bess Jane first appears in Zoe’s book 1 Sinfully Departed. Bess is a workaholic FBI agent who later creates a supernatural task force in Celestin City. She appears in many different books as the glue that brings our favorite characters together. 

Chase Thompson first appears in Zoe’s book 1 Sinfully Departed. He is her childhood best friend and who taught her how to haunt vampires. Chase is also big brother to Jake Thompson and father to Lily Thompson. 

Ethan gets his own story in Let Me Breathe Again. Ethan is part of The Fallen, seraphim who fell from heaven and reside in the Underworld. Ethan appears in several books, the first being Holly’s book 1.  

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