Celestin City

Celestin City is a fictional city where monsters like to come out a play.

You can read the books in order or read the character of your choice. Click the links for summary and purchase information.

Book Order:

Sinfully Departed: Zoe Langston Book 1

Blood Sins: Zoe Langston Book 2

Deceptions: Evie Cortez Book 1

Anticipations: Evie Cortez Book 2

Sin of Hope: Zoe Langston Book 3

Death says Hello: Holly Garrett Book 1

Repercussions: Evie Cortez Book 2.5

Let me Breathe Again: Ethan Reid Book 1

Dear, Sinfully mine: Zoe Langston Book 4

Revelations: Evie Cotez Book 3

Christmas in Celestin: Short story Anthology

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